Education And Information Are Key

There has never been a time like this with social, mobile, cloud and other web-based technologies that are changing so quickly.

Part of our association's mission…

is to ensure that our members are kept current on all the legal challenges associated in managing digital assets in the era of online media. It has never been more important for sellers to be well informed about the subjects of copyright, licensed and unlicensed images, and orphan works.

Since ignorance is no excuse when using a copyrighted image without the proper consent, understanding copyright is essential for anyone buying or selling media. DMLA is continually working to provide the creative community with essential information in regards to copyright and the "fair use" doctrine.

It is also essential to have all the latest forms and documents for running your business so that you avoid any legal pitfalls that you can. These are all monitored by DMLA's legal counsel and updated constantly to meet the changing internet landscape.

Our education services

1Copyright Video
This video presentation, by our legal counsel Nancy Wolff, uses images from cases to explain what copyright protects with respect to visual images, when permission is needed and when fair use may allow certain uses without permission

2Copyright PowerPoint Presentation
Same as above but in PowerPoint form

3Copyright Education Resources Page
A list of great sources of copyright information

4Orphan Works and Orphan Search
"Orphan Work" refers to a copyrighted work whose owner cannot be identified or located by someone who wants to use the work in such a way that it requires permission. DMLA has implemented a low-tech solution to assist buyers in finding the creator of an orphaned image. When a buyer has an image without copyright information, they simply email a copy of the Orphan Work to

5Legal Forms and Agreements
Continually updated, our legal forms and agreements are helpful templates to meet your legal needs.

6How to Register Images
This covers the registration of photos: the history of registration, reasons to register, owner's rights, how to register different types of works, what a registration covers, and protecting your registered works.

7Editorial Relations Toolkit
A guide to reviewing license requests, researching usage and addressing questions pertaining to the request.